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TV antenna installation Help Center

Detailed information for the do it yourself TV antenna installer

TV Antenna Help Center Tips and reception product guidelines

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Antenna help center tips begins here.

              EZ HD TV Antenna                      HD Stacker TV Antenna             


 1. Selecting a TV antenna and components - section #1

 2. TV antenna range
     What factors effect range and how to determine your local reception conditions.

 3. Digital TV reception
     Explore free digital TV reception (DTV) using a TV antenna.

 4. Better digital TV reception
     There are many factors that can effect TV reception and some are controllable while others are not.

 5. Better VHF TV Reception
     How can I improve my VHF TV reception?  

 6. What's the best HDTV antenna
     Selecting the best TV antenna fo digital HDTV reception.

 7. TV antenna aiming
     Properly aim your TV antenna.

 8. TV antenna attic mounted
     Get the best performance out of your attic mounted TV antenna.

 9. TV Antenna Recommendations by State and City
Recommending a TV antenna is an art and a science. Our pages now contain over 1,000 Cities.

10. VHF UHF antenna
     What is a VHF UHF TV antenna and why do I need one?

11. 150 mile range antenna
     If you are not satisfied with the results please contact the business the sold you the antenna.

13. TV reception wind and weather
     Reception is good on all stations except when we get windy weather.

14. View our complete line of TV antennas
     Including the EZ HD, HD Stacker and many of the quality Winegard line of antennas.

15. Get A personal TV Antenna recommendation
     Get a free and accurate TV antenna recommendation specific to your location.


 USA Today Article  "Yes , you can put up that TV antenna"
Can local Government/neighborhood rules restrict the installation of a TV antenna?


Preamplifier's & Distribution Amplifier's
 help center tips

                                           TV antenna preamplifier

16. Preamplifier tips, installation and troubleshooting
     This page will help you select and install the TV antenna amplifier best suited to your reception needs.

17. Amplifiers and signal overload and do I really need a preamplifier?
     A high gain mast mounted preamplifier may experience signal input overload..

18. When to use a preamplifier or distribution amplifier
     Both do the same thing they amplify the signal but at different points within the antenna system.

19. Selecting a TV antenna and components - section #2
     Section 2 covers preamplifier basics and installation.

20. Questions about TV antenna mast mounted preamplifier's
     Will a pre-amp help this or do I need to look for a different antenna?

21. How and when to use voltage blocks with your preamplifier
     A Voltage block is used in conjunction with mast a mounted preamplifier and a signal splitter.

22. View our complete line of preamplifier's

23. View our complete line of distribution amplifier's


TV Antenna Mounts help center tips    

         TV antenna tripod           TV antenna eave mount          


24. Selecting a TV antenna and components - section # 4
     Section 4 of this page covers basic mounts and installation.

25. How to install a tripod mount
     Step by step tripod installation procedures.

26. How to install a eave mount
     Step by step eave mount installation procedures.

27. TV antenna tips and system installation - section #1

28. View our complete line of antenna mounting equipment


Coax Cable help center tips

Tv Antenna coax cable


29. Selecting a TV antenna and components - section #5

30. How to install coax cable end connectors
     Installing coax cable end fittings is not very difficult.

31. How to convert your cable TV wiring system for use with a TV antenna
     Utilize cable TV wiring for your TV antenna.

32. View our complete line of coax cable

33. View our complete line of coax cable tools and accessories

34. View our complete line of signal splitters, couplers, and dividers

35. View our professional wiring installation kit


Rotors help center tip

      TV antenna rotor

36. Installation tips to help your rotor last years longer

37. View our complete line of rotors


Antenna system grounding help center tips

38. TV antenna system grounding - section #4


Basic antenna system installation diagram

39. TV antenna tips and system installation diagram - section #5

40. Over the air HDTV picture quality
     Is over the air digital HDTV picture quality really better then cable of satellite?

41. Improving digital TV reception
     Poor digital signals. What can we do to improve the signals?

42. TV reception weakened by windy weather 
Would a signal amplifier or preamplifier help my signal when it’s windy?

43. Everything needed to install a TV antenna
     I Know we need your HD Stacker antenna. Can you tell me what else I need to buy?