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Best Over the Air (OTA) TV Antenna

Posted by Denny Duplessis on

If you have spent time researching TV antennas on the internet you already know that everyone claims to have the best over the air TV antenna. So what makes a TV antenna the best? The simple answer is the antenna that works for you. The best TV antenna for one location isn't necessarily the best antenna for another location. 

Watch out for outrageous claims. Antenna dealers can not be held responsible for any claims they make about TV antenna range, performance or quality, If they mislead you (lie) what are you going to do take them to court over a $100 TV antenna? 

I've been in the TV antenna business for over 30 years. During the first 20 years nearly every antenna sold in the U.S. was made in the U.S. by trustworthy manufactures such as Winegard, Channel Master and Antennacraft. In the past decade the antenna market has been bombarded with cheap imported antennas and with these antennas came the dealers making their outrages claims. 

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has regulation they enforce limiting the distance a TV signal can travel. They do this by limiting the transmitting power of the TV station and limiting the height above ground level of the TV station transmitting antenna. One of the reason they do this is so TV stations from one area won't interfere with TV stations from another area. The average range the usable TV signal of a full powered TV station will travel is 60 to 80 miles. So, when you see TV antenna range claims of 150, 200, and even 500 miles it's plain and simple BS. 

The performance of an OTA TV antenna is directly related to design and size. Think about it, it only makes sense that a well designed bigger antenna will outperform a well designed smaller antenna every time. Don't buy into tiny antennas with so called new breakthrough technology because break through TV antenna technology simply doesn't exist. We can make a lot of things smaller without affecting performance such as cell phones and computers but not over the air TV antennas. We tested 19 TV antennas to determine the best performing over the air antenna

The quality of these imported johnny come lately TV antennas is rock bottom. I don't know about you but if I install a TV antenna I want it to last several years not just a few months. I believe you should do it right, do it once, and be done with it.  

Lastly, what is good TV reception? Good TV reception is when the over the air TV antenna receives all available channels 24/7 without interruption. Anything less than that is not acceptable to me. 

We offer free over the air TV antenna recommendation specific to your exact location. We use the latest resources and have the skill and knowledge to get it right. My son Tony and I have nearly 50 combined years of experience in the TV antenna business and are happy to help you get the right equipment the first time and with over 20,000 antenna installs under our belts we know how to help you do the job right. 

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